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Miguel Aguilera is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the IAS Research Center for Life, Mind and Society at the University of the Basque Country. He has been a visiting researcher at the Cognitive Science Program at Indiana University and the Ikegami Lab in the Department of General Systems Studies at the University of Tokyo, and a postdoctoral fellow at the University of the University of Zaragoza and the University of the Balearic Islands. His research focuses on autonomy in biological and social systems from an interdisciplinary perspective, integrating insights from cognitive science, theoretical neuroscience, computational modeling, adaptive behaviour, and complex systems. It combines nonlinear and dynamical models, evolutionary algorithms, and mathematical analysis from dynamical systems, network and information theory, to generate and understand situated and embodied models of agency in the realms of artificial life and evolutionary robotics, computational neuroscience, collective intelligence practices and socio-technical systems.

ECAL 2013: Political Self-Organization in Twitter + Ultrastable CTRNNs

I just got back from the 12th European Conference on Artificial Life, where a presented two different contributions. As well, I attended to some very interesting contributions. One of them was the ‘Artificial Life in Massive Data Flow‘ workshop, where … Continue reading

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Nuevo proyecto de fin de carrera – trabajo de fin de máster: Synco 2.0

Publicamos una nueva oferta de proyecto de fin de carrera – trabajo de fin de máster, inspirado en el trabajo de Stafford Beer en el Chile de Allende: Synco 2.0: redes de organización social cibernética En 1971 el científico británico … Continue reading

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Nuevos proyectos de fin de carrera – trabajos de fin de máster

Para este curso Manuel Bedia y yo sacamos dos proyectos de fin de carrera / trabajos de fin de máster para alumnos de la Universidad de Zaragoza. Desenmarañando el trazo del artista: análisis dinámico de la interacción humano-herramienta (en colaboración … Continue reading

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Technopolitics: the potential of connected multitudes

During the last year I have been involved with the interdisciplinary research group @datAnalysis15M launched by Javier Toret working in an ambitious project studying social-media networks of grassroots self-organization of the Spanish 15M movement. One year later, the result of … Continue reading

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Analizando redes de interacciones sociales en el movimiento 15M

Ignacio Morer acaba de presentar su proyecto de fin de carrera “Análisis de redes de interacciones en el entorno del movimiento 15M” en el que hemos estado trabajando durante este año. Ha hecho un gran trabajo analizando diferentes formas de … Continue reading

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Ultrastability, Homeostasis and Neural Assemblies

A few months ago I presented a talk entitled “Reappropriating Ashby’s Ultrastability for the Modelling of Neural Assemblies” at the “Cognition and Consciousness” Retecog Summer School 2012. In the talk I analysed homeostatic models derived from R.W. Ashby’s notion of … Continue reading

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COMSC talk: measuring the ‘collective mind’ of the 15M movement’s network

I recently participated in the UOC/IN3 Communication & Civil Society seminar ‘Cultura digital, redes y política distribuida en la era de Internet. De la Primavera Global a la Net Democracy‘, presenting some of the results of the 15Mdata research group. … Continue reading

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Academic website

Welcome to my academic website. I’ll be posting here my publications, ideas and projects.

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